AUTRASYS CleanThe efficient, fast and safe way of applying a cleaner


The bio-chem application system makes the cleaning of medium-sized and large surfaces easier. Wherever the quantity from a spray bottle won’t suffice, and wherever operators need to be particularly protected from fatigue, that’s where the application system proves its strengths. It is connected directly to either the jerrican or the drum, and the fl uid can then be applied to the surface with the aid of compressed air. Ideally suited for the application of bio-chem cleaners.

  • Fast installation – easy handling
  • Low disposal costs – not much waste
  • Eco-friendly – conventional compressed air as a propellant
  • High efficiency thanks to micro-fine spray mist
  • Comfortable working, also overhead
  • Safety valve will open at 0.2 bar
  • Adjustable spray power

 how it works:

  1. Screw the application system onto the jerrican or drum 
  2. connect to the compressed air supply 
  3. set compressed air at 0.1 bar
  4. close the safety valve 
  5. let air escape from the gun until cleaner comes out 
  6. spray
G80001-01 AUTRASYS
Jerrican 10 l
G80001-02 AUTRASYS
Jerrican 30 l
G80001-03 AUTRASYS
Drum 200 l

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