Space-Des A


Combined concentrate for the cleaning and disinfection of all washable surfaces. bio-chem Space-Des A cleans surfaces and machines in the food industry in a hygienic way. The highly effi cient cleaner dissolves greases, proteins and dried beverage residues. At the same time it acts as a disinfectant and eliminates all bacteria, yeast fungi and mould.

  • Chlorine-free, without colouring agents or fragrances
  • DVG (German Association for Veterinary Medicine) tested, listed in the DVG list for the food industry
  • Can be applied on delicate surfaces

Fields of use 

  1. Cleaning and disinfection
Space-Des A

pH-Wert: 10,9 - 11,9
Flammpunkt: n.a.
Dichte: 1,02 - 1,04 g/ml (20°C)
Kennzeichnung: reizend
VOC-Gehalt: < 1,8%

A50046 500 mL PET bottle with trigger
Trading unit: 20 x 500 mL (1 box)
A01046 10 L jerrycan
A03046 30 L jerrycan
A20046 200 L drum
A10046 1000 L IBC

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