FT 400


Water-based cleaning agent with excellent dissolving power.Optimal for industrial applications.

  • VOC content 34 %
  • Removes adhesive residues, label residues, pigment inks, fresh paint residues, enamel residues, releasing agents, oils, and greases
  • pH-value approx. 12.5
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors that guarantee temporary corrosion protection
  • Non-fl ammable – not subject to mandatory labelling
  • Easy and safe to use

Fields of use

  1. Among other things for degreasing prior to varnishing
  2. Ideal for removing the polymer quenchants from parts after hardening processes



FT 400
A50057-93 500 mL PET bottle with trigger
Trading unit: 20 x 500 mL (1 box)
A01057-93 jerrycan 10 l
A03057-93 jerrycan 30 l
A20057-93 drum 200 l
A10057-93 IBC 1000 l

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